Forgotten Rutherford County

A Book by Todd Lavender

Book"Forgotten Rutherford County: Images of our Hometowns; Stories from our Past" is a new book covering the history of Rutherford County, North Carolina. So, what is "Forgotten Rutherford County?" Often times, our county's history is forgotten due to the passage of time. One generation gives way to the next, leaving behind unspoken stories and unshared memories; yet in our own lives we happen upon that time we simply forgot, that photo we never knew existed, that friend who reminds us of a childhood memory left in our distant past. Forgotten Rutherford County is more than the structures which have crumbled with decay and neglect. It is more than historical data preserved by historians of days gone by. Forgotten Rutherford County is a part of each of us--our stories, our fading photographs, our lives.

Forgotten Rutherford County does not need to be a permanent thing. All of the stories are out there waiting to be discovered. Thankfully, we can change that. We can take what seems to be the most insignificant memory and tell it to someone. Often, our memories remain hidden like a guarded secret or a treasure yet to be discovered. Hold those memories up to the light and view them from every angle. Welcome the faces that flash by. Welcome the stories that come to visit, making you a better person for having heard it. Take it all in. But most of all, share it with someone.

I have learned that if you must leave a place that you have lived in and loved and where all your yesteryears are buried deep, do what you must, but walk away always looking back. Our past is a comfortable place while our future lives in a cloud--uncertain and at times frightening, yet we do have the unique ability to make each day we live a day worth looking back to and smiling. Every breath we take is our ink, and every day is a blank page. Go write your story . . .

. . . Trust me, it's worthwhile.

This heirloom quality hardcover book is over 300 pages containing almost 600 photos and numerous stories from our past. Purchase your copy today using Paypal's secure checkout below:

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